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Jeffrey Markowitz Productions, Inc. is a film and video production company. Its website says that Jeffrey Markowitz has 10 years of experience covering The White House, The Pentagon, Capitol Hill, and other centers of political influence and that he has won awards such as Photo of the Year from Time Magazine. [1]


The website describes their services:

  • Viral marketing:[2]
Viral Marketing strategies make use of individuals to pass your message on to others. With use of evolving technologies, Jeffrey Markowitz Productions offers limitless possibilities for exponentially increasing your exposure to mass markets. What used to be “word of mouth” is now taking place at lightening speed across the internet in social networking groups, online video hosting sites, influential blogs, chat rooms, message boards and discussion forums. Jeffrey Markowitz Productions is positioned to help clients take advantage of the newest emerging technologies in the marketplace.
Mobisodes are recent additions to production service providers. They offer a unique method for generating interest in brands and media projects alike, from cars and software, to television shows and movies. These video shorts (literally “Mobile Episodes”) are designed to be played on the small screens of mobile phones and other portable devices.
  • Video Emailing:[4]
When executed effectively, video emailing is an effective direct marketing tool, bringing your content straight to the Inbox of your high-value target audience. Without appropriate preparation, however, video files sent or linked by e-mail can end up in junk folders or Spam filters, never reaching their intended viewer. Worse, large uncompressed files can cause significant technological problems for the recipient during download.
  • VNRs (Video news releases):[5]
A Video News Release is a press release in video form, often presented as a 90-second news segment that can easily be included in local newscasts around the country. VNRs are an effective public relations tool, generally falling into one of two categories: “timely” and “evergreen”.
  • Electronic Press Kits:[6]
Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) provide a unique opportunity to promote your company, product or event with customized images, details and background information selected to highlight the best of your business. Similar to a VNR, an EPK is a longer news package with additional soundbites, clips, and footage (B-rolls). EPKs are generally associated with the entertainment industry and are designed to give TV producers more choices with which to work when covering the press topic or item.

More services:

  • Television Production
  • Infomercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Commercials
  • Streaming Video
  • Multi-Media News Release
  • Podcasting
  • B-rolls
  • Multi-Lingual Productions



Contact details

Phone: (877) 297-8887
Email: info AT


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