Jennifer Kerns

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Jennifer Kerns

Jennifer Kerns is a Taxpayer Advocate and Republican Strategist in California. The Director of two of the largest Tea Parties in the U.S., her events have been featured on national, state, and local news, including FOX News and CNN.

As Spokesperson for Prop. 8 in California, she represented the victorious campaign to uphold traditional marriage and found herself at the center of the firestorm over gay marriage. She has a track record of not being afraid to take on controversial issues.

Kerns is a two-time political Appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She served as an Assistant Secretary of State of California, where she helped improve conditions for overseas Military to vote through faxable ballots and helped facilitate the 2005 Iraq Elections for ex-patriate Iraqis living in America. For California, she also served as an Assistant Deputy Insurance Commissioner for California, the fourth largest insurance market in the World. She served as the Chief Spokesperson on insurance issues, including health insurance, workers compensation insurance, and also served as Spokesperson during the 2007 devastating wildfires in Southern California.

She has served as Press Secretary and Communications Director for various Congressional and Mayoral candidates in California. She has also served for the highest-ranking member of the California Legislature.

Kerns serves as a reliable source for the Media on issues including: the Tea Party movement, California's State Budget Crisis, Taxpayer issues, health care, and other social issues. She is a writer for Fox & Hounds Daily, California's leading source for keeping tabs on business and politics in California. Source: [1]