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Jerry Gordon is a vice president of Boycott Watch and "appears weekly on Alan Nathan's Battle Line World Debate on Radio America as Middle East Affairs analyst for American Congress for Truth" [1].

A "former U.S. Military Intelligence officer," Gordon is "a Graduate of both Boston University (BA) and Columbia University (MBA). He has appeared on national talk radio programs such as the John Batchelor Show on ABC radio, Israel National News,'s Middle East Report, Alan Nathan's Battle Line on Radio America. Articles authored by Mr. Gordon have appeared in The Jewish Press, Front Page Magazine and the American Thinker. He is a regular contributor to IsraPundit. Mr. Gordon resides in Connecticut." [2]

According to Lee Kaplan, Gordon is "an activist with several Connecticut Jewish organizations" [3]. The Jewish Federation, Inc. (CT) describes Gordon as a "Mover and shaker in the Jewish community." [4]

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