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Jerusalem Center For Women

"Established in March 1994, the Jerusalem Center for Women (JCW) is a Palestinian non-governmental women’s center located in East Jerusalem. The JCW was founded simultaneously with the Israeli women's center Bat Shalom located in West Jerusalem. JCW and Bat Shalom carry out joint Palestinian-Israeli programs through a coordinating body known as the Jerusalem Link. Although JCW and Bat Shalom maintain close cooperation as sister organizations, the two centers operate independently, maintaining executive and organizational integrity. The joint initiative between JCW and Bat Shalom marks the first time that Palestinian and Israeli organizations have worked together so closely for the advancement of women and human rights in the region, including a joint commitment to resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict." [1]


They received a grant from the NED in 2000 worth $42,000 "To carry out a ten-month democracy and civic education program for 100 Palestinian women in the West Bank and Gaza. The training will focus on women's and human rights, communication skills, self assertiveness, economic and social rights, women's rights under Palestinian law and the role of women in the legislative process." In 2001 they received a further $35,000 "To conduct a 10-month training on advocacy, human rights and democracy for 100 young Palestinian women in Jerusalem, with an overall aim of raising awareness among Palestinian women on their rights and responsibilities, and to encourage participation in community leadership." [2]


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