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Joel Rocamora

Transnational Institute "Fellow and former Co-Director, Joel Rocamora is the Director of the Insitute for Popular Democracy in Manila Philippines. He earned his doctorate in the USA then later came to Amsterdam to coordinate TNI's early work on the Philippines while he was in political excile during the Marcos regime. Rocamora returned to the Philippines in 1992 where he worked as a political analyst at the Ateneo Centre for Social Policy and Public Affairs and as a consultant to several development NGOs. He was awarded the 1995 Philippines National Book Award for his, Breaking Through: The Struggle within the Communist Party of the Philippines (Anvil1994)." [1]

"On June 28-30, [2001] more than 50 democracy scholars and practitioners met in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss how campaigns, elections, and political party activities are financed in East Asia. The conference, entitled "Political Finance and Democracy in East Asia: The Use and Abuse of Money in Politics," was organized by the Democracy Forum for East Asia, a joint project of NED's International Forum and the Sejong Institute of Korea. Among those presenting papers were Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, senior research fellow in politics at Brunel University (UK); Borwornsak Uwanno of King Prajadhipok's Institute (Thailand); Jongryn Mo and Hoon Jaung of Yonsei University (Korea); Joel Rocamora of the Institute for Popular Democracy (Philippines); Hadar Gumay and Smita Notosusanto of the Centre for Electoral Reform (Indonesia); E. Sridharan of UPIASI (India); David Huang of Academica Sinica (Taiwan); and Masaru Kohno of Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan)." [2] Participants

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