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John D. Altevogt, a conservative Republican advocate from Edwardsville, Kansas, is communications director for Americas Majority.

Altevogt, currently with the Reece & Nichols Premier Realty Office in Basehor, Kansas, is former chairman of the Wyandotte County Republican Party and former associate vice chairman of the Kansas Republican Party.[1]

During the 2002 election cycle, Altevogt was spokesman for the Council for Better Government.[2][3]

"Altevogt is a frequent contributor to the Kansas Conservative Network, a discussion board for conservatives, and other Internet chat groups."[4]

Republican Leadership Coalition

In 2002, Altevogt, through the 527 committee "called the Republican Leadership Coalition", received $1.25 million "to run a radio and television ad campaign in 18 cities and 12 states that challenged Democratic Party policies. The ads were directed at minority voters." [1]

"'We took the Republican Party platform and some of the things that Bush has been proposing, and we said, 'This is what we believe and if you believe the same way, you should be voting Republican', Altevogt said. 'We elevated the level of discourse'," Scott Rothschild wrote in the October 3, 2003, Lawrence Journal-World.

Altevogt "defended using 527 money," Rothschild wrote, "saying it could not be spent on specific candidates, but rather on advocacy ads. That's true in the case of federal candidates. But there is no bar on using 527 money to back specific state candidates.

"'I'm not interested in peddling some candidate like a can of Spam. I want to talk about ideas and issues, and that's the beauty of these 527s,' Altevogt said. 'We ought to be talking more about issues. That to me is just far and away superior to the canned ads these candidates have'," Rothschild wrote.

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