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John Batchelor is the host of a radio show, The John Batchelor Show. He is "a veteran novelist, author of seven political romances as well as a short history of the Republican Party. Born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in 1948, John attended Lower Merion High School and Princeton University. In 1976 he was graduated from Union Theological Seminary. John is married to the Reverend Doctor Bonnie Ann Rosborough, pastor of a church north of New York City. John, Bonnie, and their children Sam and Anna divide their time between New York and Maine." [1]

Batchelor has written articles for the conservative publication Human Events.

On the radio

Batchelor's weekday radio show was syndicated by ABC Radio Networks until September 2006, when it was canceled. Batchelor returned to New York radio station WABC, the flagship station of the earlier show, for a new weekly show in September 2007, but the show is not syndicated.[2] Batchlor hosts a separate weekly show on Los Angeles radio station KFI (owned by Clear Channel).[3]

Batchelor's radio show is generally conservative and "does not stray far from the political leanings of Laura Ingraham and some of his other WABC counterparts," but has been described as having "the rare distinction of being a source of sophisticated — and at times impossibly erudite — political debate and quirky subject matter."[4]

WorldNetDaily reporter Aaron Klein has made regular appearances on Batchelor's radio shows.[5]


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