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John Papworth wiki "Born London 1921. Reared in an orphanage. Baker, journalist, economist - London University graduate, ecologist, futurist & priest. Was under licence to officiate from the Bishop of London until his remarks about the non-sinfulness of shoplifting in giant stores attracted global media attention and caused him to be sacked from his non-stipendary post. (He was concerned with the way the giants were destroying local community life and argued Jesus taught we should love our neighbours - he had said nothing about loving Marks & Spencers).

"With the help of Fritz Schumacher & Sir Herbert Read founded and edited RESURGENCE; Founder of THE FOURTH WORLD (The world of small nations, small communities & the inalienable sovereignty of the human spirit); Parliamentary Labour candidate 1955; for nine years Personal Assistant to the then President of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda; Editorial Consultant to GREENPEACE; Associate Editor THE ECOLOGIST; President THE ACADEMIC INN; Founder VILLAGE INDUSTRY SERVICE (ZAMBIA); Founder & Editor FOURTH WORLD REVIEW a bi-monthly with an international circulation now at its centenary issue.

"Recently starred in the B.B.C. film NO MAN IS AN ISLAND and the subject of another film TURBULENT PRIEST. Books: 'THE ECONOMICS OF HUMANISM', 'NEW POLITICS', 'SMALL IS POWERFUL', & 'SHUT UP & LISTEN'. Currently completing 'WHY THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN', also working on several travel notebooks and his autobiography. Sixties imprisonment along with Bertrand Russell for ban the bomb action, and in Albany jail Georgia for Civil Rights activities."[1]

He has written for the Society for Individual Freedom.

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In 1966 he got together with like-minded thinkers E.F. Schumacher, Leopold Kohr and Sir Herbert Read and founded and edited Resurgence magazine.


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