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Johnny "Two Combs" Howard "conducted worldwide operations with the British SAS. Based on his experience in the Regiment, he went on to become a bestselling author with his books "Boat Troop" and "Direct Action."

"Following his military career, John worked in a variety of leadership and management roles in conflict areas including Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. He assisted in the successful release of 16 expatriate hostages in Sierra Leone and was team leader of the Families' Security Detail for the Saudi Ambassador to USA. He was lead mentor for emerging Iraqi Special Operations Units in Baghdad, lead instructor for the U.S. Department of State Anti Terrorism Assistance Program in Indonesia and chief instructor for the Special Operations Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE. His media work includes technical advisor for a 6 part SAS TV Documentary. John has served as director of operations at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Amman, Jordan.[1]

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