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In July 1996, the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued Joint Vision 2010 (JV2010), which is defined as "the conceptual template for how we will channel the vitality of our people and leverage technological opportunities to achieve new levels of effectiveness in joint warfighting ... [and calls for] Full Spectrum Dominance" as the key characteristic for the Armed Forces in the 21st century.

Then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military position in the US Department of Defense, Army General John M. Shalikashvili stated that JV2010 created a operationally-based [i.e., joint operations] template for the evolution of the Armed Forces and success in modern warfare:

  • Dominant Maneuver: The multi-dimensional application of information and engagement forces--air, land, sea, and space.
  • Precision Engagement.
  • Full-dimensional Protection, which means control of the battlespace and mobility capabilities, plus multi-layered defenses for both forces and facilities.
  • Focused Logistics.

In May 1997, the Joint Chiefs issued Concept for Future Operations. Expanding Joint Vision 2010 (CFJO). Both JV2010 and CFJO were superceded by Joint Vision 2020. The webpage for this now redirects to the page for "Future Joint Warfare"J7 Joint Force Development and Integration Division (JFDID).

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