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Jolanda Janczewski, Ph.D. (aka 'Jola') was the Service manager of the IAQ testing company ENV Services (aka ENVIRON and Environmental Air Controls). She broke away and set up her own business, Consolidated Safety Services and continued to work for the tobacco industry doing fake indoor air testing. She was of immense value to the industry, mainly through providing press briefings and doing radio interviews promoting the idea that some buildings were sick, rather than the problems being caused by high levels of tobacco smoke. See IAQ testing

Documents & Timeline

1988 June The 'Public Smoking Issues' division of the TI, consisting of Jeffrey Ross, John Lyons, and Sharon Ransome report lists:

  • recruiting indoor air quality (ETS/ventilation) scientists.
  • Alan Kassman, a former Philip Morris scientist, has been briefed and will go through media training next month.
  • Jolanda Janczewski of ENV Services has been through media training and will be briefed by scientists and legal counsel next month.
  • They have identified six additional ETS scientist who are now reviewing the scientific literature.
  • testing the effectiveness of ACVA/HBI's advertising campaign and direct mail program. They are investigating the feasibility of broadcast ads.
  • Litigation Program

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