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Jon Moulton is a founder of Private Equity firm Better Capital.[1]

He donated £50,000 to Liam Fox at the beginning of 2010, and also contributed funds at the beginning of 2006.[2]

Biographical Information

"Former Managing Partner of Alchemy, Jon also previously worked with Citicorp Venture Capital in New York and London, Permira and Apax.

"Jon is a trustee of the UK Stem Cell Foundation. He is a very active angel investor. He is non-executive Chairman of FinnCap, the stockbroker and has recently been appointed a member of the Advisory Board for the £1.4bn UK Regional Growth Fund." [3]


On 23 November 2011, Jon Moulton appeared on the BBC Newsnight program to discuss the British government's economic policy. He argued in favour of axing social spending/spending in general; he also argued in favour of "employment flexibility".[6]

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