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Jon Rowlands, Creative Director, Renegade Pictures.

"Just prior to joining Renegade exec. produced his third "Sport Relief" for BBC One and consulted for Live 8. Up until 2005 he was Head of Development for BBC Factual, where he developed and sold "The Royal Photographer" (BBC 1), "Last Man Standing" (BBC 3 + Discovery US), "Perfection" (BBC 2), "Building The Dream" (BBC 2), "Holidays at Home" (BBC 1) and "Mischief" (BBC 3). Before that he was Head of Development for BBC Sport where in he co-devised "Sport Relief". Before getting serious Jon produced four "Comic Relief"s (BBC 1), "The 11 O’Clock Show" (C4), "Lenny Henry" (BBC 1), "The Cram" (BBC 2) and "Alexei Sayle" (BBC 2). " [1]

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