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Joseph Donald DeBethizy, Ph.D. was an R.J. Reynolds toxicologist and director of Research & Development c. 1994.


Dr. DeBethizy was a senior toxicologist at R.J. Reynolds. He has knowledge regarding the toxicity of nicotine effects of nicotine including its effects on the cardiovascular system, specifically the increase in heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, myocardial contractile velocity and force, coronary blood flow, myocardial oxygen consumption, arrhythmia induction, and electrocardiographic changes. Other effects of nicotine including genotoxic/carcinogenicity, reproductive hazards including teratogenicity and pregnancy/fertility, pulmonary toxicity including emphysema. Additionally, he has knowledge regarding the function of nicotine in the body. Finally, he has knowledge regarding both the pharmacological and physiological effects of nicotine.Director of Research and Development for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. circa 1994. He spoke on ABC's Day One program on 2/28/94. DeBethizy said that people smoke because they are looking for pleasing sensory experience with mild pharmacology.(J. Slade Statement 3/25/94) DeBethiszy admitted that a water extraction of tobacco would have nicotine in it. He claimed that tobacco extracts are used as flavor materials. DeBethizy admitted that he thinks that taking all the nicotine our of cigarettes could be done. [1] See Bethizy, J. Donald, Tobacco Trial Lawyers Associaiton (TTLA) Almanac - Names.

As of 2005 DeBethizy was President and CEO of Targacept, RJR's pharmaceutical subsidary.


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