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"In a happy synchronicity at this moment in Joshua’s career, he recently rediscovered the autobiography of his maternal great-great grandfather who was an early resident of San Francisco. The autobiography told the story of the challenges of a bold entrepreneur who invested in launching the earliest hydroelectric companies in the Bay Area, and who was an early visionary in defending workers rights. This discovery happened just as the opportunity to join the Bioneers team appeared, precipitating a move back to his roots from New York to San Francisco, just as Bioneers too decided to re-open offices in the Bay Area.

“My personal commitment,” Joshua says, “is to help strengthen peace and collaboration among the unique peoples and countries of the world, always with a deep respect and sensitivity for the diverse cultural modalities of this planet. My dream is to create ways to value and respect humanity’s diverse traditions and heritage in new ways, using new media tools to record these stories for the children of the future to better understand the roots of humanity.

“Bioneers is the great messenger toward this future: A grand humanitarian channel transmitting at the speed of light, rescuing and preserving ancestral stories and sending them directly to the future. The world today is an immense collective unconscious that has become nearly telepathic thanks to the power of digital networks, which provide real-time communication worldwide. And 2014, Bioneers 25th anniversary, will be the year of communication.”" [1]

Joshua Sheridan Fouts is the former "executive director of Science House Foundation, an NGO working in over 25 countries to change the education and learning and opportunity paradigm for K-12 children in under-served communities worldwide. He also works as a consultant in innovation for private businesses.

"Fouts co-founded and directed two think tanks at the University of Southern California, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, the first foreign policy think-tank dedicated to exploring public diplomacy; and the Online Journalism & Communication Center which published the Online Journalism Review, the first digital publication of its kind. In 2005, he was the first person to propose and direct a project illuminating how virtual worlds could be used for cultural relations.

"Fouts began his career as a Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Department of State. He is a Global Expert at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, a Salzburg Global Forum fellow, and a Next Generation Fellow at The American Assembly." [1]

"Initiated and conceived successful multi-year million-dollar grant campaign awarded by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. " [2]

His father is Roger S. Fouts.

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