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The Journaliste en Danger (JED) "is the initiative of a group of journalists from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Its primary mission is the defence and promotion of freedom of the press in the DRC. It is an independent, non-profit organisation, founded in Kinshasa on November 20,1998." [1]

"Founded in 1997 by journalists Donat M'Baya Tshimanga and Tshivis Tshivuadi, JED is one of Africa's most active and respected press freedom organisations., JED is particularly combative when it comes to reminding easily corrupted journalists of their duty. It is also in the vanguard of the struggle to get the government to reform unfair and illiberal legislation under which journalists are regularly sent to the capital's Penitentiary and Re-education centre in the capital." [2]

JED is a member of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange.



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