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Journalists' Trade Union (JuHi) "was organized by a group of the journalist in 1997 and passed the state registration the Ministry of Azerbaijan Justice on 28 March in 2000. At present JuHi uniting 125 journalists in its row is closely connected with several international organizations which taking active part as journalist organization all over the world... The organization does not any work with political parties and political tendentious organization and won't plan it in future. International activity JuHi is the only organization of Azerbaijan that represents in 3 authoritative international organizations. These are International Federation of Journalists (IFJ-, the head office is in Brussels), International Freedom Expression Exchange (IFEX-, the head office is in Toronto, Canada) and International News Safety Institute also situated in Brussels... The co-operation with other journalist organization of the country: JuHi prefers co-operation with other NGO according to its activity. From this point of view we work with the knowing journalist organizations Azerbaijan Journalist Unity, Azerbaijan Journalists Confederation, “Yeni Nasil” Journalist Unity, Ruh Journalist Protection Committee and Democratic Journalist League. At the same time JuHi is one of the builder member of Press Council. It cooperates with Citizens' Protection League of Labour Rights to protect social – economic rights and to conduct enlightening work in this field... On the basis of the JuHI's project and organizational activities Central Asia and South Caucasus Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN - was founded in march, 2003 with support of International Press Institute and it includes 8 journalist organizations from Central Asia and South Caucasus countries. CASCFEN’s activity was sufficiently successful in the past years. In 2004 it was awarded a “Freedom Forum” prize by the International Press Institute...In may and august, 2005 JuHi realized “practical help for the Trade Union activists” programme among the mass media workers in Azerbaijan regions with the financial assistance of the “Open Society Institute Assistance Fund” – “Soros”. The main objective of the programme lasting from 05.01.2005 to 08.01.2005 was to stimulate the establishment of free, independent trade unions in Azerbaijan... In 2003 Press Election Center was founded for carrying on operative productive work in this field in AJK this was employed Yadigar Mammadli, the chief of GJL and Mushfig Alasgarli, the chief of JuHi. The activity was successful. The seminars were held with journalists and journalist disturbing rights were given a help. Later juHi continued the activity in Election Monitoring Center (EMC) in 2004-2005 years the representative of JuHi lead the media programme of EMC... At present JuHi realized the edition of the newsraper “Hamkarlar” and the materials are printing on its pages. JuHI doesn’t collaborate with any political organization." [1]



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