Justifications for the US-Iraq 2003 war: "preemption" or "preemptive war"

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The US built its case for the 2003 invasion of Iraq on the basis that it was a preemptive strike in the face of the imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction. Since the United Nations did not sanction the war, the repeated suggestions that the war was "preemptive" were simply propagandistic attempts to justify the war and to suggest that it was legal. For a proper understanding of the misapplication of the term "preventive war" when referring to the US-Iraq 2003 war, Prof. Chomsky has a succint explanation:

The grand strategy authorises the US to carry out preventive war: preventive, not pre-emptive. Whatever the justifications for pre-emptive war might be, they do not hold for preventive war, particularly as that concept is interpreted by its current enthusiasts: the use of military force to eliminate an invented or imagined threat, so that even the term "preventive" is too charitable. Preventive war is, very simply, the supreme crime that was condemned at Nuremberg.
—Noam Chomsky, "Preventive War 'The Supreme Crime': Iraq: invasion that will live in infamy", August, 11, 2003.

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