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Kalahari Garden Project, Namibia

GardenAfrica "are working in partnership with the Global Diversity Foundation and The Eden Project, as well as local NGO, Komeho Namibia, to develop the Kalahari Garden Project, which has been established to support the internally displaced San peoples, who once hunted and gathered for edible and medicinal plants, on land that is now commercial or communal farmland. Boreholes on these farms have been responsible for lowering the water table, disrupting game patterns, and placing unforeseen pressures on bio-cultural diversity, with many of the plants, and techniques used over thousands of years to utilise and manage these resources, now at risk of being lost to future generations." [1]

"The Kalahari Garden Project began in July 2007, with the aim of assisting the San population in the Omaheke region in improving their food security and nutrition through the development of home gardens. The project also set out to help promote and preserve traditional environmental knowledge, and contribute to building the skills and opportunities necessary for creating a renewed sense of self reliance within the community. The Global Diversity Foundation is funding and implementing this project in partnership with local NGOs, Komeho Namibia and WIMSA, and with technical support from the Eden Project (UK)." [2]

"The project is being coordinated in collaboration with the Eden Project (U.K.), the Centre for Research, Information and Action in Africa (CRIAA-SADC), the Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa (WIMSA), and Komeho Namibia." [3]

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