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Keith C. Keeney is Vice President, Communications for The Kellen Company. He is responsible for the Atlanta-based PR and marketing company The Kellen Company. A biographical note states that he "is responsible for managing Atlanta-based public relations/communications activities on behalf of Kellen clients, as well as our divisions devoted to graphic design and cyberservices -- Kellen Creative and Kellen Interactive". [1]

Another biographical note states that Keeney "is responsible for the overall management of Kellen Interactive, whose services include Web site design, development and marketing as well as database integration, applications development, e-commerce and much more. Since joining the parent company in 1981, Keith has directed communications programs for a variety of clients, coordinating publicity, marketing communications, media relations, generic product promotion and strategic planning. Kellen Interactive was formed in 1997. Under Keith's direction, Kellen Interactive has developed over 600 Web sites. A seasoned marketing and communications veteran with over 20 years of experience, Keith knows how to help associations and companies identify and achieve their Internet objectives." [2]

Contact Details

1100 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30342


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