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keith harmon snow "is an independent journalist, war correspondent and photographer. He has also worked as a genocide investigator and consultant to the United Nations and other international bodies. He has won three Project Censored awards for his Central Africa reportage, is a member of the Asiana Press Agency (, and he also recently worked in Afghanistan." [1]

"keith harmon snow has worked in varying capacities in some 16 countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe, and 14 countries in Africa. A human rights investigator [formerly] working with Genocide Watch and Survivor's Rights International, he attended the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda, and has testified at a congressional hearing in Washington, D.C." [2]

From 2006: "He has studied Eastern philosophies, spirituality and religion, with direct experience gained through cultural immersion. keith began this work at Earthlands ( where he was lodge caretaker and a member of the community in 1995, and his path to self-realization has involved psychotherapy, meditation, dance, yoga, breathwork, and other dynamic experiential group processes. He has recently begun exploring holotropic breathwork and transpersonal psychology through the Grof Transpersonal Training. He sometimes works as an organic farmer on the Wildcat Garden for Peace and Re-Education, in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. " [3]

His website is called All Things Pass.

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