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Keller and Heckman is a Washington DC-based law firm. It was founded in 1962 and "has a broad practice in the areas of regulatory law, litigation, and business transactions, serving both domestic and international clients," according to its website. [1]

Supporting Fake News

On October 16, 2006, Keller and Heckman's Jack Richards and Greg Kunkle filed a comment with Federal Communications Commission chair Kevin J. Martin, on behalf of the broadcast PR firm consortium called the National Association of Broadcast Communicators (NABC). [2] The NABC filing was prompted by an April 2006 study by the Center for Media and Democracy, "Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed," [3] and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's decision in August 2006 to investigate the 77 television stations named in the report, for their use of video news releases (VNRs).

The NABC filing claimed, "The CMD Report grossly mischaracterizes the Commission's sponsorship identification requirements and in the process unfairly tarnishes a host of broadcasters along with the entire VNR industry. ... NABC supports the FCC's efforts to ensure compliance with the sponsorship identification requirements. As described by [the Radio-Television News Directors Association's October 5 filing with the FCC] and in press reports, however, CMD's unfounded accusations and the Commission's subsequent investigation have created a severe chilling effect in the broadcast community that is not supported by the Commission's rules or the public interest." [4]


The firm's clients include "companies and trade associations servicing a range of industries, including food and food additives, plastics, pesticides, industrial and specialty chemicals, drugs and medical devices, transportation, and telecommunications. The firm's practice covers the diverse regulatory areas that affect these industries, as well as business counseling and litigation issues," according to its website. [5]

In October 2006, PR Week reported that a consortium of broadcast PR firms named the National Association of Broadcast Communicators "has retained the law firm of Keller and Heckman in Washington, DC, and lobbying firm Bryan Cave Strategies to advise it on the FCC situation." [6]

According to the database (accessed October 13, 2006), the firm's Washington DC office is a registered lobbyist on behalf of:

  • Leprino Foods Company
  • National Limo Association
  • Produce Marketing Association
  • Tea Association of the U.S.A., Inc.


According to the database (accessed October 13, 2006), registered lobbyists at the firm's Washington DC office include:

  • Martin W. Bercovici
  • Wayne V. Black
  • Peter L. de la Cruz
  • Mel S. Drozen
  • John B. Dubeck
  • David Ettinger
  • Lawrence P. Halprin
  • Devon Hill
  • Pamela Langhorn
  • Richard J. Leighton
  • Richard F. Mann
  • Martha E. Marrapese
  • Sheila A. Millar
  • Michael F. Morrone
  • Catherine R. Nielsen
  • Ralph A. Simmons

Contact Information


Washington DC

Washington Center
1001 G Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Tel: 202-434-4100
Fax: 202-434-4646
Email: info_washington(AT)

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