Khawar Mumtaz

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Khawar Mumtaz "has a long and distinguished career in the field of environment, gender issues and human rights. Educated at the University of Karachi, Mumtaz obtained her M.A. in International Relations and has been working in the international arena ever since. She has served as a member of the National Core Group for Beijing follow up; the UNFPA Advisory Panel on Gender Development; Steering Committee of the International Irrigation Management Institute and was the regional councillor for West Asia and Member Bureau of the IUCN. Recently, Mumtaz was the Chair of the Pakistan National Committee of IUCN Members and is currently the Senior Coordinator of Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre and the Project Director of the Women and Sustainable Development Program of Shirkat Gah, an NGO in Pakistan dedicated to women’s rights which combines advocacy and capacity-building.

"Mumtaz is also a respected and widely published researcher and writer. She has recently co-authored the Pakistan Poverty Assessment National Report and won the PM’s Award for her co-authored book Women in Pakistan: Two Steps Forward One Step Back? She has also helped shape national and international policy in the area of women’s employment, reproductive health and the environment, through reports to the UNDP, FAO, IUCN and UNICEF." [1]