Lance K. Gordon

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Lance K. Gordon, Ph.D., is Inside Director and Chief Executive Officer of VaxGen.


"Dr. Gordon has more than 20 years of experience in the vaccine industry, developing both vaccine products and companies. Prior to joining VaxGen, Dr. Gordon served as CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of two vaccine companies, Oravax and North American Vaccines. He is also the inventor of ProHibit® for infant meningitis, the first bacterial conjugate vaccine to receive FDA approval.

"In addition to developing new bacterial and viral vaccines while at Oravax, Dr. Gordon secured a 20-year contract to develop, manufacture, store, and manage a 40-million dose stockpile of smallpox vaccine for the Centers for Disease Control. He also created partnerships and business arrangements with Aventis Pasteur, Medeva, IDEC, BioReliance, and McKesson HBOC. As the founding CEO of North American Vaccines, Dr. Gordon created a company that became a major participant in the vaccine market and licensed a new vaccine for whooping cough.

"Previously, Dr. Gordon served a seven-year tenure at Connaught where he led the development and regulatory approval of several important childhood vaccines including ProHibit®, now widely used in child vaccination programs worldwide. Prior to joining Connaught, he was medical director for Infectious & Inflammatory Diseases, Clinical Pharmacology -- Drug Medical Affairs at E.R. Squibb & Sons, Inc., where he designed and implemented clinical pharmacology programs."

Source: VaxGen profiles.