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Laura Sandys MP is Conservative MP for South Thanet

Laura Sandys "has been a political consultant for over 15 years, with experience of political structures across Europe, Turkey, South America and the US. She is currently a trustee of Open University Foundation and the Civic Trust and has recently worked as a journalist and policy strategist in Washington DC. She is a member of the Board of openDemocracy and also works as Senior Research Associate for the Centre For Defence Studies, Kings College." [1]

"Laura Sandys is the Principal of LSA at Charles Barker BSMG Worldwide.

"She has been in the communications industry for over 10 years, with experience of working for Campaigning Organisations, Pressure Groups and International Trade Companies.

"Laura Sandys’ experience covers many fields - from media relations to political and international communications programmes. She was a Director of Barter Group in the Early 80's running barter and counter trade programmes in the Eastern Block, followed by a period as Head of Communications at the Shopping Hours Reform Council. She was then appointed to run the Parliamentary Unit at the Consumers' Association, covering several key Bills including the National Health Service Reform Bill; the Food Safety Bill and the Courts and Legal Services Bill.

"She launched LSA in 1992, with the objective of establishing a multi-disciplinary consultancy integrating all communications activities and ensuring that every activity had a strong market focus." [2]

"Laura is a member of David Cameron’s Democracy Taskforce that is advising the Conservative Party on how to restore trust and transparency at the heart of our constitution. She is also a member of the Quality of Life Taskforce and is a founding member of the Conservative Women’s Muslim group." [3]

She is married to Randolph Kent.

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