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Sir Laurence Street "has played a leading role in introducing and practising commercial mediation/conciliation in Australia and neighbouring countries in this region. He has conducted, principally in Australia but on occasions overseas, well over 1,500 successful mediations/conciliations in commercial disputes. Some have involved international parties and issues, multiple parties and very substantial monetary or property issues across the full range of commercial disputes." [1] Interview

Judicial and ADR Career [2]

  • (Bachelor of Laws (Hons), University of Sydney; Barrister, Queen's Counsel, practicing extensively in Maritime, Commercial, Banking and Insolvency Law)
  • 1965-72, Judge, Equity Division, Supreme Court of NSW
  • 1972-74, Judge of Appeal, Chief Judge in Equity
  • 1974-88, Chief Justice, Lieutenant Governor of NSW
  • 1989- Commercial Mediator and ADR Consultant

Affiliations [3]

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