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Dr. Laurie Zivetz is Director of Global Health Program for Internews and "has 30 years of international development experience. Over the course of her career she has founded, managed, and advised major NGOs and NGO programs in Asia and Africa, and lived for 20 years in Asia.

"Dr. Zivetz was the Appraisal and Evaluation Advisor to the Australian Council for Overseas Aid, providing technical assistance in monitoring and evaluation to 120 NGO member agencies. She was Country Director for CARE International in Vietnam, the Caucasus, and the Philippines. Over the course of her career, Dr. Zivetz has designed, directed and evaluated a wide variety of programs in reproductive health, community health, gender, micro enterprise, and forestry.

"In her role as technical advisor to Australian NGO member agencies under ACFOA, Dr. Zivetz launched the first NGO-Government working group on HIV/AIDS. In Vietnam before any cases of HIV had been identified in the country, she oversaw the first study on sexual networking which drastically changed government policy and development programming in the country. Her policy-related work has included preparation of a background note on health and security in Africa for the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, and a case study (including recommendations for programming) on early recovery fragile states for USAID.

"Dr. Zivetz holds a Masters Degree in International Health from the University of California Los Angeles and a PhD in Social Economics from Union Institute in Ohio." [1]

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