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"With the Democrats threatening to file lawsuits in anticipation of post-presidential election fallout, Republicans are amassing their own team of legal eagles, headed in Florida" by Hayden R. Dempsey, Governor Jeb Bush's former deputy general counsel, FlaPolitics Blogspot reported August 10, 2004. Dempsey, who left Governor Bush's office in 2003 to join the "prominent" Greenberg Traurig, confirmed he had been "tapped as the statewide chairman" of Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.'s legal defense team, Lawyers for Bush-Cheney '04 Inc..

In Fall 2004, writing for the Equal Justice Society, Lee Cokorinos reported that the "Bush campaign has lawyers in every state, covering 30,000 precincts."

Some Legal Defense Team Members 2000 / 2004

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