Letter from Richard Hines to Matt Winokur of Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs, 1994.

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Letter from media consultant Richard Hines to Matt Winokur of Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs, 1994.

In this letter, Washington, D.C. media consultant and Philip Morris contractor Richard T. Hines responds to a request from Philip Morris for assistance in influencing the European media. Hines writes to Matthew Winokur of Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs to suggest that PM fund a journalism internship program through the National Journalism Center in order to produce a stable of journalists sympathetic to PM issues. As a follow-up to his proposal Hines adds,

In turn we could promote the 'care and feeding' of journalists to develop a network sympathetic to Philip Morris.

Hines describes the success of similar existing programs, and brags about how they successfully influence major media in the U.S.:

Using this approach in the U.S. we have been able to get favorable articles/commentaries in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal, National Review and reach millions of the public through the numerous syndicated columnists that are in our network. Moreover, using this approach we can develop a sustainable media presence in Europe that can be accessed for numerous issues.

Per. Author HINES,RT
Date 19940526
Bates 2025496776/6778
Master Bates 2025496774/6780
Collection Philip Morris
Pages 3
Org. Recipients PHILIP MORRIS
Per. Recipients WINOKUR,M
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/umz88e00

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