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Lewis C Solmon worked for the Tobacco Institute and also received grants from the Council for Tobacco Research as a special project researcher. The tobacco documents show that the industry employed Solmon (sometimes misspelled 'Solomon') to publicly criticize claims made by William Weis (and later others) that smokers cost their employers more in absenteeism, cleaning, breaks, insurance, etc. than non-smokers.

At the time he was the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at UCLA. He had a PhD and MA in Economics from the University of Chicago and was a member of the Goldwater Institute. He also became the president of the Milken Institute (1991-1997) which also found support from the tobacco industry.

Solmon became an adviser on education to Governor Arnold Schwartznegger of California and to Florida's Governor Jeb Bush. More recently he has become executive vice president, education, at the Milken Family Foundation and director of its Teacher Advancement Program.


Lewis Solmon was a Council for Tobacco Research Special Projects Researcher. (Source: NM Tobacco Companies Personnel List)

Documents & Timeline

1994 Aug RJ Reynolds has obtained a large number of scientific C/Vs and all at the one time, and each has a comment/criticsm on an OSHA proposed rule making. They were obtained and filed together (see progression of codes)

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