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LINDA EVANS "is currently an organizer with All of Us or None, a national organization of prisoners, formerly-incarcerated people, and our families. All of Us or None is fighting the many forms of discrimination people face because past imprisonment or a conviction history. Linda was a political prisoner for 16 years because of her activities against the U.S. government. In the 1960’s, Linda was a regional organizer for Students for a Democratic Society (SDS/Weatherman), working to end the Vietnam War and to support Black liberation. She was active in the women's liberation movement and the lesbian community, and she organized support for Black and Chicano/Mexicano grassroots organizations in Texas. She was a national leader of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee, which fought against white supremacy and the KKK, forced sterilization, and killer cops. Linda began working with others to develop a clandestine resistance movement to change government policies. She was arrested in 1985, and received a 40 year sentence, which was commuted by President Clinton on January 20, 2001." [1]

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