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Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, an "expert in nuclear weapons, "[broke] the glass ceiling when former President Bill Clinton, via a presidential directive, created her ... position as Director, Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness, National Security Council." [1]

Gordon-Hagerty trained with Delta Force and SEAL Team Six and organized the Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST), a U.S. Department of Energy team, according to Richard A. Clarke in his 2004 book Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror. Clarke also lists her among those present in the White House compound on September 11, 2001.

In his Opening Statement, Representative Curt Weldon, Chairman of the House Research and Development Subcommittee Hearing on Security of Russian Nuclear Weapons and Materials, said October 2, 1997:

"At yesterday’s hearing on nuclear terrorism, we received testimony from Jessica Stern, former Director of Russian and Ukrainian Affairs on the Clinton Administration's National Security Council staff. Ms. Stern, who dealt with issues of Russian nuclear security and proliferation while serving on the NSC, is the inspiration for the character portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the just released movie Peacemaker, wherein terrorists threaten to blow-up New York City with a stolen Russian nuclear weapon. In yesterday’s hearing, Ms. Stern was joined by Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, Director of the Office of Emergency Response Defense Programs at the Department of Energy. If a terrorist event such as portrayed in Peacemaker were to actually occur today, Ms. Gordon-Hagerty would be doing Nicole Kidman’s job, coordinating our response to the terrorist threat."


On September 9, 2005, global energy company USEC Inc. (U.S. Enrichment Corporation), "the world’s leading suppler of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants," announced that it was eliminating the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, who was "leaving the Company as it realigns the business to sharpen the focus on the demonstration and deployment of the American Centrifuge, while maintaining reliable and efficient enrichment operations."

In December 2003, Gordon-Hagerty joined USEC from the White House NSC staff, "where she served as director since 1998 for combating terrorism, overseeing the federal government’s readiness and response to acts of terrorism [and] also served as NSC’s liaison to the Homeland Security Council." [2]

Prior to joining the NSC staff, Gordon-Hagerty served six years at the Department of Energy (DOE), "overseeing several DOE programs including emergency management, operational emergency response and the safety of the country’s nuclear weapons program" and "response programs and assets utilized in support of radiological accidents and incidents in the U.S. and abroad." "Prior to her tenure at DOE, she was a professional staff member of the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives." [3][4]

"The selection of Gordon-Hagerty, who [came] to USEC without any experience operating a company, surprised some enrichment industry analysts," USEC Watch commented December 22, 2003. "But some sources suggested that the new COO [would] concentrate on improving USEC's relationships with DOE and with the national security community. USEC [had] several pending issues with DOE, including the transfer of uncontaminated uranium to the company and a timetable for cleaning up the GCEP building at Portsmouth, Ohio, the site of USEC's planned lead cascade facility."

"Gordon-Hagerty has been awarded several citations, including the Secretary of Defense Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service, the United States Secret Service Director's Honor Award and the Secretary of Energy’s Special Recognition Award. She holds a master's degree in health physics and a bachelor of science degree, both from the University of Michigan." [5]

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