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An annual series of symposiums and conferences was used by the tobacco industry to bring together the WhiteCoats (corrupted scientists) as a way of generating coherence and developing a standardised way of countering claims that passive smoking (ETS) was injurious to health.

These conferences were also used as a form of training for new recruits, because the industry's so-called experts often had no knowledge of the discipline of ETS (passive smoking) or Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) research at all. By having participants make speeches at these conferences (often using ghosted material written or re-written by scientist from the cigarette companies) the published proceedings of the conference could be used as a form of 'peer-reviewed citation', providing them with entirely false credentials as indoor air pollution specialists.

These became annual events, fully funded by Philip Morris, British American Tobacco (via its US Subsidiary Brown & Williamson) and RJ Reynolds Tobacco. Japan Tobacco Company became involved after 1992.

  • The first of these conferences was the McGill University ETS Symposium (Nov 1989) with about 200 participants. Totally controlled and funded by Philip Morris.
  • The second -- actually a back-to-back pair of Lisbon Conferences -- were held in Portugal (Apr 24-26 1990)
  • THE Montreux Conference was the third. (May 1991)
  • The fourth was the Athens Conference held in Greece (1992)
  • The fifth was an unidentified conference also organised by Indoor Air International (IAI) (May 1993) It may have been also in Lisbon.

So there were a number of Lisbon Conferences held by the tobacco industry. George B Leslie and Professor Roger Perry, who ran both the Associates for Research on Indoor Air (ARIA) pseudo-scientific society and the equally dubious conference organisers Indoor Air International (IAI) for the tobacco industry, organised these for the three tobacco companies, Philip Morris, Brown & Williamson (the US subsidiary of British-American Tobacco) and RJ Reynolds Tobacco. Leslie, Perry and an associate Frank W Lunau were involved in administering these sham associations and conferences, and Leslie and Lunau were also in control of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) at this time.

The Lisbon Conferences held in April 1990 were actually a back-to-back pair, with a general assembly of the administrative committee of the Asian WhiteCoats also tacked on.

Documents and Timeline

1990 Apr 24 - 26 International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation In Warm Climates. Lisbon.
Members of Programme Committee

  • Frank W Lunau , Kingston upon Thames, UK - Chairman [Organizer of ARIA also]
  • JJ Amaral Mendes , National Institute of Health, Lisbon, Portugal [Organiser - PM PR consultant]
  • Gerard Aubertin, INRS Vandoeuvre, France [Computer air-flow modelling] (INRS, Institut National de recherche et de sécurité, Avenue de Bourgogne, Vandoeuvre Cedex, France)
  • Harold Goodfellow, Toronto, Canada [fake air-testing consultant]
  • Dr Roy M Harrison Uni of Essex, Colchester, UK [PM Consultant]
  • Fensheng He, Beijing. China [Asian Whitecoat - Acad. of Preventive Medicine]
  • Yoon Shin Kim , Korea [Asian Whitecoat - Hanyang Uni]
  • Linda Koo, Hong Kong [Asian Whitecoat & PM consultant]
  • George B Leslie, Biggleswade UK [ARIA and IAI rganiser]
  • Sarah Liao , Hong Kong consultant and WhiteCoat recruiter]
  • Peter O'Sullivan, London, [PM consultant; University College, London]
  • Professor Roger Perry, London, [ARIA, PM Consultant and Whitecoat recruiter]
  • F José Pires Santana, (Fernando Jose) Lisbon,[Local Organiser - New Uni of Lisbon]
  • Benito R Reverente, Manila, University of Philippines [Asian Whitecoat]
  • Francis JC Roe, London, UK [UK scientific celebrity speaker]
  • Elvira Tsani-Bazaca, Atmospheric chemist, Govt Chem Lab, Athens, Greece [PM Consultant. Greece & Italy]
  • Malinee Wongphanich, Mahidol Uni, Bangkok.[Top Asian Whitecoat - Mahidol Uni]
[Note:Without exception, everyone on this list was firmly in the pay of Philip Morris and the other cigarette companies via the lawyers Covington & Burling] [2]
Later two new names were added to the above list.
The proceedings of the conference were to be published by Environmental Technology Letters, Selper Publications, 79 Rusthall Aenue, Chiswick, London W41BN (Owned by Prof. Roger Perry)