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The term Lisbon ETS Conference (April 1990) in the tobacco archive documents can refer to any one of a number of different conferences. There were two Lisbon Conferences run for the tobacco industry at roughly the same time in 1990. The second purported to be an offshoot of the first. And then a third came two years later;

  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation This was a general conference open to all, (and with some non-tobacco scientists as speakers). It was run (without revealing its tobacco funding or control) by George B Leslie through the sham 'scientific association' Indoor Air International (IAI).
  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation in Warm Climates (April 24-26 1990) pretended to be a genuine conference looking at the special problems with air-conditioning, etc, in countries with hot climates. This included the warm Mediterranean area, South America, Africa, etc.

In fact, the conference was mainly set up to rewards, train, and establish scientific credentials for the newly recruited Asian Whitecoats This was a controlled (but not closed) conference, by George B Leslie's whose cover was the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) which he largely ran with another tobacco-funded occupational hygienist, Frank Lanau. Professor Roger Perry was enlisted (from ARIA and the Imperial College, London) to be the nominal chairman of some mythical organising committee.

  • There was also a Lisbon Conference in mid 1992 (the European lobbyist from the north enjoyed the respite during winter). We know little about this (mainly because it needs someone to do the research) However it appears to have been run again by George B Leslie, with expenses billed to Philip Morris, via Covington & Burling

Documents & Timelines

[This was a controlled (but not closed) conference, mainly aimed a training and credentialling Asian Whitecoats. Leslie's cover was the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). ]

Third Lisbon Conference 1992 Jan 23 -26 George Leslie of ARIA charging C&B for a 3.5 day meeting in Lisbon. He also billed C&B £1,000 under the heading "Open Bank Account for Lisbon Conference."