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The Locstein Group, A.G. is a global financial services firm which engages in advisory, investment and other financial services primarily with institutional clients. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the firm deals with high net worth clients extending across over 40 countries. The firm has offices in major international financial centers, and provides mergers and acquisitions advice, asset management, and wealth management services to its clients, which include corporations, governments and high net worth individuals around the world. The firm also engages in proprietary trading and private equity deals. It is a primary dealer in the Global Physical Commodities market, mainly buying and selling for organizations and governments.

The company's headquarters, based in Geneva, Switzerland was opened in early 2008. Shortly followed by its London office. Locstein Ventures (US) LLC was incorporated in late 2009 to serve the American market with offices in Washington, specializing in Alternative markets.


In March 4, 2010 column in the UK Daily Mirror, investigative journalist Nick Sommerlad wrote that one of Locstein's "Market leading" advisers who had gone by the name of Matt James used to trade for a group called the "Debt Advisory Company" under the name "Matthew St. John Crossley." Under that name, Sommerlad writes, James "persuaded cash-strapped victims to remortgage their houses and give him up to £30,000 apiece so he could 'pay off their creditors.' " Sommerlad further writes that,

But Crossley/James, 37, skipped off to Spain with the cash, leaving the Office of Fair Trading to investigate "one of the most serious cases involving debt management services we have encountered." Now James trades as Locstein, which is based in Geneva and claims offices in London and Washington. But it's not authorised here by the Financial Services Authority or registered as an investment adviser in the States. Locstein also claims to support charities including Cancer Research UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital, but they deny any links."[1]


The Locstein Group A.G. is structured in four divisions, Advisory, Investment, Wealth Management and Research, along with international subsidiaries. In mid 2009, Locstein Asset Management (LAM), and Locsteins subsidiaries, re-branded themselves, becoming collectively known as The Locstein Group. This move was initiated to better leverage each others' resources and capabilities to create a "One Firm" brand and effort.

The Locstein Group

The Locstein Group business unit is a provider of wide-ranging financial services in Europe and other selected markets. It offers Advisory, Investment and financial advisory services for private and corporate clients.

Locstein Wealth Management Division

Within the Wealth Management sector Locstein provides advice and investment products and services for high-net-worth individuals globally. Locstein's structured advisory process encompasses both asset and liability management. Furthermore, Locstein is a provider of alternative investment products. In Switzerland, Locstein supplies banking products and services to Wealth Management clients as well as to business and retail clients.

Asset Management

In its asset management business, Locstein offers investments ranging from equities, fixed income and multiple-asset class products, to alternative investments such as real estate, hedge funds, private equity and volatility management. Locstein’s asset management business manages portfolios, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from governments, institutions and corporations to private individuals. Locstein's asset management business is operated as a globally integrated network.

Locstein Ventures (US)

In 2009 Locstein formed an American based investment firm to specialize in alternative investment such as, media production, film production, music production, Real Estate and Art.

The Locstein Foundation

The Locstein Foundation, founded in 2009 is a non-profit charitable foundation. Partnering with major charitable organizations, the foundation who's slogan is "Investing in people, for a brighter tomorrow" is focused on creating awareness through campaigns to promote the charities and raise funds. Locstein Asset Management will be donating a percentage of its yearly profits to charitable organizations.

Locstein A.G. & Formula 1

On the 23rd February 2010 it was discovered The Locstein Group were the primary sponsor and backer of the troubled USF1 team, based in Charlotte USA. After rumors as to why Locstein decided to leave the team circulated the globe, Locstein issued a press release on its website formally confirming its position. Many other speculations have circulated with possibilitys for who Locstein are moving their interest too for the 2010 F1 season.

Formula 1 References

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Geneva, Switzerland
London, United Kingdom
Washington, United States


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