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"Doctor Loke Tegelberg completed a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Electronics (1970) at the Pontifical Academy of Sacred Sciences (studies at Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands). He completed a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Market Research (1976), and Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) in International Economics (1984), at State College of Management and Economics (studies at Dutch Institute of Marketing Management). He speaks native Dutch, and is fluent in English, German and French.

"Loke began his international management career as a Business Strategies Consultant in London England and the Netherlands (1971-1981). He served as a Managing Director for strategic infrastructure and information technologies for a series of institutions in the Netherlands (1981-1999), including Sun Microsystems (1993-1997) and Gravenborch Groep of private investors (1997-1999), involving joint ventures with India and France.

"He was Director of Central Services for CSS Telecom in Utrecht Netherlands (1999-2003), providing national infrastructure and support teams for the Ministry of Finance, financial institutions, and healthcare, managing 30 executives and 450 support staff.

"He was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of “Interacive Media and Broadcast Distribution” (A.C.K.S.) and its holding company “Aproxis” in Laren Netherlands and London England (2003-2015), providing implementation and administration of international multi-currency and treasury systems, with expert support for management, legal affairs and investor relations in host countries of operations.

"He was Senior Consultant for the “Institute for European Economic Development” (Institut für Europäische Wirtschaftsförderung) in Zeven Germany (2012-2017), assisting private sector companies with successful cross-border commerce supported by EU financing and funding regulations.

"He is Chairman of the “Foundation for Active Entrepreneurs Guidance” (Stichting Actieve Ondernemers Begeleiding) in Amsterdam (since 2004), providing development and implementation of private socio-economic humanitarian projects in developing countries, including arrangement and structuring of project finance and grant funding, with a track record of successful projects in Egypt, West Africa and Latin America.

"Doctor Loke has been a Board Member of many governmental, civil society and cultural leadership organizations throughout the years, including as Chairman of the “Rasa Centre for World Cultures” in Utrecht Netherlands (2004-2013), a theater and education center for music and dance arts."[1]

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