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Lucie Morillon, Vice President of the Board of Directors of Human Rights USA.

"Lucie Morillon joined the international press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders in 2000 as a Researcher for the European and Former-USSR Desk, at a time when Milosevic’s Serbia was cracking down on journalists. She organized an international symposium in France on media trends in the Former Yugoslavia and the role that should be played by the international community. Next, she assumed the position of the organization’s International Coordinator, managing the development of Reporters Without Borders' branches (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland), and of its offices in Abidjan, Bangkok, Montreal, New York and Tokyo.

"Transferred to Washington DC in July 2004, she opened a representative office in the American capital, where she supervises Reporters Without Borders USA in partnership with the NYC office. She covers issues related to press freedom in the United States. She supervises press relations so as to ensure that the American media give more coverage to press freedom abuses abroad. She informs the political decision-makers concerned of the organization’s positions. She has been featured on CNN, ABC News, Fox News, Al Jazeera, NBC, and Reporters Without Borders statements are regularly quoted by the main US media such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, The LA Times, the Boston Globe, Time, etc.

"Lucie Morillon holds a Masters Degree in History (with a major in Europe and the Far East), from the University of Nantes, and another in Communications and Politics from the Superior Institute of Public and Political Management (ISMAPP) in Paris. While on assignment for the French National Consultative Commission of Human Rights (CNCDH)] in Paris in 1999, she worked on a resolution later adopted by the Prime Minister cabinet and whose aim was to improve the impact of the policy and decision-making process on persons with disabilities." [1]

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