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The MAF Freedom PAC was launched by the conservative pro-war organization Move America Forward in September 2008.

"The PAC will elect candidates to federal office who share the groups strong support for US troops and the War on Terror," stated a press release announcing the political action committee. "The PAC will focus on very competitive congressional races, but will also address the presidential race, in which Vietnam veteran John McCain is touting his support for the surge strategy and Sen Barack Obama is promoting his plan to withdraw troops from Iraq upon entering office." [1]

Key races

In 2009, MAF Freedom PAC endorsed Jim Tedisco, the Republican candidate in a special election for Congress in New York's 20th district. Tedisco's opponent is Democratic candidate Scott Murphy. The special election was called to replace Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed to fill the Senate seat left open when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. MAF's website called Tedisco "a solid conservative" whose election would "chip away at [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi's anti-military majority" and be the "first step in slowing down the Obama march to abandon the war on terror." [2] The MAF-associated Our Country Deserves Better PAC also endorsed Tedisco, promising "a large cash infusion" of "'hundreds of thousands' of dollars to Tedisco's cause by the March 31 special election." [3]

Under the heading "10 Races That Will Change America," the MAF Freedom PAC's website listed in September 2008: [4]

In October 2008, the PAC also endorsed Republican Melissa Hart, a former Congresswoman running to regain her seat in the fourth Congressional district of Pennsylvania. [7]

In the race for Congress from Ohio's 16th district, the PAC endorsed Kirk Schuring. [8]

The PAC also endorsed Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress from New Hampshire's second Congressional district. [9] [10]

In the race for Ohio's First Congressional District, the MAF Freedom PAC endorsed the incumbent, Republican Representative Steve Chabot. [11]

The PAC endorsed Republican Representative John R. "Randy" Kuhl Jr., in his re-election campaign for New York's 29th Congressional district. [12]

The PAC also endorsed U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, in his re-election bid in Georgia, in a December 2, 2008, run-off election. [13]

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