Marcilio Marques Moreira

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Marcílio Marques Moreira "son of Mário Moreira Da Silva and Noemia de Azevedo Marques Moreira Da Silva was born in Rio De Janeiro in 1931 and attended a course the secondary elementary school and in Vienna Budapest Rio De Janeiro and Bern. The course of Preparation to the Career of Diplomat of the Rio Branco Institute completed in 1954 and in 1957 and of Bachelor in law of the University of the State of Rio De Janeiro (UERJ). Of 1957 the 1961 served as Secretary in the Embassy of Brazil in Washington where it also exerted the functions of temporary Director of Deep the Monetary International and the Inter-American Bank of Development. In 1963 it concluded Mestrado in Science Politics in the University of Georgetown with thesis on “Social Aspects and Politicians of the Development”. He was assessor of the Secretary of the Treasury in the management Santiago Dantas (1963) and until ends of 1965 Assessor-Generality de International Operações of the BNDE. When initiating itself the Government Negrão de Lima assumed the Vice-presidency of the Company Progress of the State of the Guanabara - COPEG and from the beginning of 1968 to the Presidency Company of Development of the Communities - CODESCO dedicated state company the urbanization of slum quarters that helps to establish. In the end of that year function took leave of the public service being elect Vice-president of conglomerate UNIBANCO that exerted up to 1983 when it started to the same integrate the Advice of Administration of financial group. Of 1968 the 1971 were Managing Financier of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio De Janeiro and 1974 the 1980 member of the advice of the BNDE. The position of Ambassador of Brazil next to the government of the United States of America exerted in 1986.

"Marcílio was initiated in the university teaching in 1956 as Professor of International law in the Cândido University Mendes. In 1964 Catholic of Rio De Janeiro lecionou in the Pontifical University (PUC) and in 1975 in the UERJ (Ciência Politics) where also exerted among others the positions of Director of the Center of Social Sciences. It is honorary member of the University advice of the PUC and cash of the Advice of Administration of the University Catholic of Petrópolis and the IBAM among others institutions of academic and cultural character in Brazil and the United States." [1]