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Marion W. Pines, Institute for Policy Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

"Prior to her appointment at Johns Hopkins, Marion Pines served as commissioner of the Baltimore City Neighborhood Progress Administration and as executive director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (1984-87). Between 1972 and 1987 she served as director of the Mayor's Office of Manpower Resources. In 1988 she was appointed by the Secretary of Labor to chair the National Job Training Partnership Act Advisory Committee to advise the Department of Labor on job training policy issues for the 1990s. Ms. Pines has a B.A. from Goucher College. She is author of two books published by Partners for Livable Places: Family Investment Strategies: Improving the Lives of Children and Communities, 1992; and Putting Families First: Managing Resources to Restore Communities, 1994 and co-authored and/or edited numerous publications around the issues of at-risk youth." [1]

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