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"A Mining Engineer and a major share holder in Australian Indian Resources Pty. Ltd., group companies, Mark Creasy may well prove to be the most successful gold prospector in Australian mining history. At the age of 49 he became a figure of legendary fascination in Australian business circles through his discovery of the Bronzewing and Jundee gold mines. Qualified at the Royal School of Mines, Mark Creasy was named Australia’s “Prospector of the Year” in 1993. He has a gallery in his name – The Mark Creasy Minerals Gallery, at the mining hall of fame, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The Mining Hall of fame is a visible icon for prospectors and miners of Australia and reflects the importance of an industry that contributes enormously to the social and economic wealth of Australia.

"Mark Creasy has established a company styled Yandal Investments Pvt. Ltd. Currently he spends upwards of AUD $ 4 million a year on mineral exploration and prospecting for gold and other metals. " [1]


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