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Mark M. Jacobs is president and chief executive officer of Reliant Energy. Prior to this position he served as chief financial officer at the company from July 2002 to May 2007. Before joining Reliant in 2002, Jacobs had a long-standing advisory relationship with Reliant as managing director with Goldman, Sachs and Co. Jacobs joined Goldman Sachs in 1989 in mergers and acquisitions in New York and moved to the energy and power group in 1997.[1]

Jacob earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from Southern Methodist University and a master's degree in management from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.[1]


Jacobs has the following affiliations:[1]

  • Board member of the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Board member of the Greater Houston Partnership
  • Member of the executive board of KIPP, Inc. - "a network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools in under-resourced communities throughout the United States"[1]

Reliant power portfolio

Out of its total 21,551 MW of electric generating capacity in 2005 (2.02% of the U.S. total), Reliant produced 54.2% from natural gas, 37.7% from coal, and 8.0% from oil. Reliant owns power plants in California, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.[2]

Existing coal-fired power plants

Reliant owned 26 coal-fired generating stations in 2005, with 8,134 MW of capacity. Here is a list of Reliant's coal power plants:[2][3][4]

Plant Name State County Year(s) Built Capacity 2007 CO2 Emissions 2006 SO2 Emissions
Conemaugh PA Indiana 1970, 1971 1872 MW 12,100,000 tons 8,037 tons
Keystone PA Armstrong 1967, 1968 1872 MW 11,500,000 tons 164,354 tons
Avon Lake OH Lorain 1949, 1970 766 MW 2,574,000 tons 43,479 tons
Cheswick PA Allegheny 1970 637 MW 3,161,000 tons 32,373 tons
Shawville PA Clearfield 1954, 1959, 1960 626 MW 3,107,000 tons 47,287 tons
Seward PA Indiana 2004 585 MW 3,269,000 tons 18,531 tons
Elrama PA Washington 1952, 1953, 1954, 1960 510 MW 2,440,000 tons 4,675 tons
Portland PA Northampton 1958, 1962 427 MW 2,159,000 tons 30,685 tons
New Castle PA Lawrence 1952, 1958, 1964 348 MW 1,669,000 tons 21,836 tons
Niles OH Trumbull 1954 266 MW 1,080,000 tons 22,490 tons
Titus PA Berks 1951, 1953 225 MW 1,209,000 tons 15,963 tons

In 2006, Reliant's 11 coal-fired power plants emitted 44.3 million tons of CO2 (0.73% of all U.S. CO2 emissions) and 410,000 tons of SO2 (2.73% of all U.S. SO2 emissions). In terms of SO2 emissions per MWh in 2006, Reliant's Portland plant is the 5th dirtiest in the U.S., followed closely by Shawville (7th), Keystone (10th), Avon Lake (11th), and Cheswick (17th).



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