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Mark R. Montgomery, Ph.D. is a toxicologist at the University of South Florida and is considered an Industry Expert. He has testified on behalf of tobacco companies in cases against the industry.


Dr. Mark Montgomery, a toxicologist at 12109 Wood Duck Place, Tampa, Florida 33617, is Adjunct Full Professor of Toxicology at the University of South Florida. He has held important positions as a Professor of Pharmacology and of Toxicology; as Director of the Pulmonary-Toxicology Laboratory at a V.A. hospital; and as Director of Toxicology Research Laboratories at a Florida V.A. hospital.

Dr. Montgomery testifies on the toxicology/disease causation relationship; the principles of formulating, conducting and interpreting toxicological studies; and evaluates past cigarette smoke-effect studies. His opinion is that a substance cannot be identified as a cause of chronic disease, such as cancer, unless that substance has been proven, by properly conducted animal studies, to be a causal agent. He will testify on the criteria for such animal studies, past tobacco smoke related experimental toxicology studies; and that animal inhalation studies have failed to prove that cigarette smoke causes respiratory tract cancer. He will also state that toxicological studies, to date, have not proved that tobacco smoke constituents contribute to the carcinogenic process.

Dr. Montgomery has qualified as an expert in forensic and medical/legal toxicology over 100 times in state and federal courts; he has lectured by invitation throughout the world; he lists nine bibliography chapters and reviews and 53 published research manuscripts. He was a defense expert in the Mississippi case. (Source: Mississippi Expert Disclosure.)

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