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Mark Scott is the Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He was previously the senior political adviser to former NSW Liberal education minister, Terry Metherell.

According to a report by, while editor-in-chief of metropolitan newspapers at Fairfax, Scott overturned a decision by the editorial staff at The Age newspaper's to call for a change of government at the 2004 federal election. Accoding to Crikey, "a decision was taken to call for a change of government. That decision was then overturned by Mark Scott, Fairfax's head of metropolitan newspapers, who apparently made the rather extraordinary claim that backing [Opposition Leader Mark] Latham wasn't in the commercial interests of the company." [1]


"After dropping out of a university law course, [Scott] taught history and English for two years at St Andrew's Cathedral School. He then joined the public sector as a press secretary and political adviser with the Greiner government, working closely with education ministers Terry Metherell and Virginia Chadwick." [2]

In 1992, Scott was admitted to Harvard University where he completed a masters degree in public administration. After this, he had "a brief stint at a Washington think tank", before he was appointed as education editor at the Sydney Morning Herald. "Within 18 months he was promoted to news editor. Under Fairfax chief executive Fred Hilmer, Mr Scott rose swiftly, and in 2000 he was put on the executive committee." [3]

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