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Martin Marty "has taught in the Divinity School, the Department of History, and the Committee on the History of Culture since 1963. He specializes in late eighteenthand twentieth-century American religion and occasionally holds seminars on subjects related to this specialty. An ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Professor Marty has put considerable effort into the Master of Divinity program at the Divinity School and into teaching for public ministry. In the spring quarter of 2006 he co-led (with W. Clark Gilpin) the Brauer Seminar on violence in American religious history. Marty talked with Bill Moyers about his recent book The Mystery of the Child. See and hear the video and read a transcript of the show at

"Martin Marty's life-in-retirement has grown sufficiently complex that, with the help of Micah Marty and Ann Rehfeldt, he has tried to turn more efficient by resorting to a Web site. Hosts for his lectures, planners of programs, consultants, and researchers, can find answers to frequently asked questions answered there. It is . The first name to come up will be "Martin E. Marty." [1]

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