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Martin Lance Reynolds was a Brown & Williamson Director of Research. He also served as Director of Product Development.


Mr. Lance Reynolds holds B.S. and M.A. degrees in chemistry from Oxford University in England. He worked in Research & Development (R&D) at Brown & Williamson from 1968-1991, when he retired as Director of Research. He testifies about cigarette research, design and manufacturing; then marketing a product from planting tobacco to placing the product on the store shelves; the influences on product development, such as consumer acceptance, cost, government, waste utilization, and competition; and about research efforts to reduce tar and selected components of smoke. He can testify about nicotine "spiking", reconstituted tobacco, additives, "safer" cigarette research, and lawyer involvement in Brown & Williamson's research.

Reynolds was a defense expert in the state of Mississippi's case against the tobacco industry.(Source: Mississippi Expert Disclosure.) M. Lance Reynolds worked in R & D & Engineering Department for Brown & Williamson in Smoke Chemistry in 1968, Product Research Area Supervisor in 1970, 1972-74, and 1976. He was also on the Standing Committee for Non-Menthol Cigarette Brands in 1976, Products Division Head from 1976-77 and 1981. Reynolds was Director Product Development from 1983-87, and Director of Research from 1987-88. He was also associated with Brown & Williamson in 1990. (Source: Brown & Williamson's Initial Disclosure, State of Texas vs. ATC, et al., 6/5/96)

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