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"He was one of four ANC members (among them Jacob Zuma) to be sent back to South Africa in 1990 to start the negotiation process with the former government for a peaceful end of apartheid and the transition to democracy.

"Dr Phosa was appointed as the first Premier of Mpumalanga Province in 1994 by President Mandela. In 1999, he left politics to pursue a career in business. He re-entered the political arena in 2007 when he was elected Treasurer-General of the National Executive Committee of the ANC, a capacity in which he served until December 2012.

"As Treasurer-General of the ANC, Dr Phosa has had extensive international exposure at the highest level engaging with leaders across Africa and beyond. He was also part of numerous peace and mediation efforts, namely in Mozambique, Angola, Burundi, Northern Island and Iraq.

"He is also chairs the Council of the University of South Africa (UNISA) – Africa’s biggest leading open distance learning institution."[1]

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