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Max Beloff, Baron Beloff (2 July 1913 - 22 March 1999) was a British historian and right-wing ideologue. During the 1980s, Beloff chaired the Dicey Trust. He is best known for being the main figure behind the establishment of the University College of Buckingham, now the University of Buckingham - where the Max Beloff Centre for the Study of Liberty is now based.

Beloff was a council member of the right-wing think-tank the Institute for the Study of Conflict, which was populated by other establishment figures who were equally concerned with “the sight of over-mighty trade unionism”. Beloff was a member of the Institute’s Council in 1970, [9] the year the Institute was founded. He remained at the Institute after it was re-launched as the Research Institute for the Study of Conflict and Terrorism in 1989, and resigned from the board in 23 March 1999. powerbase


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