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The Media Council of Tanzania "is an independent, voluntary non-statutory body with the objective of assisting and maintaining freedom of the media in the United Republic of Tanzania." [1]

"The Media Council of Tanzania was established on June 30th 1995 at the Journalists and stakeholders Convention held at the Korean Cultural Centre in Dar es Salaam. Its operations however did not start until May 22, 1997 when the Government registered it. It was inaugurated on August 16, 1997." [2]

The Council was the winner of the 2003 Free Media Pioneer Award.


Accessed April 2010: [1]

Governing Council

Accessed April 2010: [2]


"The year 2001 started with hope and optimism for the MCT. For the first time since 1997 when it formally started its activities, MCT embarked on a long-term planning after SIDA delivered on its earlier promise to fund MCT on a long-term basis. On March 9, 2001 the Ambassador of Sweden, Sten Rylander and the MCT President,

"Prof. Geoffrey Mmari, signed an agreement under which Sweden would give the Council SEK 4,000,000 to run its programmes for 3 years.

"This meant that the Swedish contribution would last until March 2004, making easier for MCT to plan ahead and enable implementation of activities and programmes. The Swedish long-term assistance ended the “capsule” funding approach whereby money was being provided for short-term periods of up to six months. Moreover, funds were disbursed late as a result of lack of a specific MCT budget at SIDA headquarters.

"SIDA was instrumental last year in bringing about these developments. It funded MCT to develop its strategic plan and contracted two experts from Kenya to run a planning workshop at Bagamoyo for MCT board members so as to equip them with skills in strategic medium and long-term planning as well as development of the project document. SIDA also funded the second Planning Workshop at Morogoro for MCT stakeholders and board members to develop the document. The final document was endorsed by SIDA – hence the funding." [3]

"The year 2001 also started with the news that the Netherlands – based Communication Assistance Foundation (CAF) would provide funding for MCT activities and programmes amounting to NLG 364, 522. The funding would cover three years effective April 2001 and would be used for workshops, production of a training manual on ethics, arbitration sessions and publication of Media Watch. The CAF assistance therefore eased pressure on the already overstretched SIDA budget." [4]



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