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Men's News Daily (MND) began in 2001 as a news and commentary site meant to address "Misandry in Popular Culture"[1] has been an online community since 2001. It has had a focus in its original articles on criticism of feminism and federal reform of family law as well as conservative political commentary. It also runs original articles on a variety of additional political, cultural, scientific and other topics as well as syndicated material from other sites. Changes in the site format in 2005-2006 traded some of this diversity for blog and news log links.

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Although a range of views does find its way into MND commentary, its reputation as a conservative site seems well deserved. The diversity of views in a roundtable discussion on Fathers’ Rights and the Marriage Movement went only so far as to include classic liberal thinkers as opponents.[1] An August 2004 article criticizes "religious right" think tank Family Research Council, which is more strongly associated with the Republican Party than American political conservatism (i.e. traditional liberalism) or religion, for not being conservative enough.[2]

During the run-up to the 2004 election, the site regularly carried articles from Talon News, a site criticized as supporting the Republican Party. MND writers regularly criticize both major parties, especially on the topics of misandry, domestic violence, family and gender law policy.

In August 2009, writer and videographer Paul Elam became MND's Editor-in-Chief, succeeding Managing Editor Bernard Chapin. Elam added a number of new writers to the roster, including Swedish physician Pelle Billing, and American psychotherapist Tara J. Palmatier.

Talon News / GOPUSA

In February 2005, Georgy of The Raconteur Blog wrote that,, a d/b/a of Java King, Inc., PO Box 712, Guerneville, CA 95446, was then "linked off of the front of".[2] reported[3] that 281 other sites link to, plus lists the Java King contact as the same as reported by ''The Raconteur. Californian state government corporate records list Michael Patrick Aiello as the registered agent of Java King, Incorporated. [4], July 2010 found 1,278 other sites linking to, plus lists the site as a d/b/a of Java King, Inc., PO Box 712, Guerneville, CA 95446.

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